Too busy growing your business to capitalize on the power of data?

Does any of these sound familiar? Your customer base is growing, but competition is always a step ahead. You have a great product idea you don't want to miss out on, but you are too busy growing your company. You have all that data generated, doing nothing but increasing your costs. You want to harness the power of ML, but you have no one in your team to make it happen.

Kick-off that Machine Learning project and get ahead of your competition.

Put innovative features in place to leapfrog your competition. Assess feasibility and build prototypes for your idea without losing the focus of business development. Put your data to work to create products on the cutting edge of technology. Get an ML-powered MVP running within a few months and start getting your ROI sooner!

Hire Expert Machine Learning Product Team

We are a team of Machine Learning Experts and Software Engineers with a passion for Product Design and Development. We work with startups like yours who are looking to use their data, apply machine learning and gain competitive advantage.
If you and your teams are swamped with work, have no in-house expertise, or just don't know where to start, we got you! We will help you assess feasibility of your ideas, develop production ready ML models and integrate them with your products and features.

Start today!


The call should not take more than 30 minutes, but we will book 1 hour so you can ask us anything.

About us

Our team is made of Software Engineers with over 15 years of experience in Product Management and Development, ex. Google and Microsoft Developers, and Machine Learning Experts in the area of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

We take pride in the results our work has on growing your business, not just making cool stuff. We believe in iterative product development, not months spent in research for the best possible solution. We build Minimum Viable Models first that we can put to work. Then we make it better.